On any given day, you see families reunited, loved ones saying goodbye, and heroes welcomed home. Joy, heartbreak and everything in between. Because SAN is more than an airport. It’s a community of travelers.

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Spring in Your Step

  Traveling through SAN and in need of some pep? Here are 9 ways to add some SPRING to your step! Start your travel experience off […]

SAN’s Landscaping

When arriving at SAN, one of the first things people notice are our beautiful palm trees. We have over 600 of them – a mix of Queen, […]

Lost and Found

From printing boarding passes to checking baggage to clearing security to locating the departure gate – air travel can require many steps. And all of that […]

SAN Stories


Seen at SAN

Graham and his traveling companion, “Jabari,” are heading to Dallas for 10 days. Graham said that while in Texas he will be meeting a brother for […]

Seen at SAN

There is traveling light and there is traveling very light. And then there is traveling the way Kevin (left) and Aidan are traveling. The two friends, who flew to […]

Seen at SAN

Ryan (left) and Hunter are business travelers. They fly for work – a lot. The two Padres players were at SAN this time, however, to trade places […]

Seen at SAN

Kickball can be a dangerous sport. Just ask Chris (left). The San Diego resident ruptured his Achilles’ tendon last summer while playing the game. Thankfully, he […]

Seen at SAN

“Timing,” as the saying goes, “is everything.” Samantha and Jillian, who are wrapping up a weeklong Southern California vacation and heading back home to Rochester, New […]

Seen at SAN

When flying, “dressing for your destination” is a good rule of thumb. But when it’s 73 degrees and sunny in San Diego, and you are heading […]

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