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 So Your Pet Has to GO!

Photo: Pet Relief Area Located Outside of Terminal 1

Traveling with your furry friend can be fun and comforting! Pets make great travel buddies, but what do you do when they have to GO?

At San Diego International Airport (SAN), we make your pet’s potty break a breeze with state of the art pet relief accommodations. Next time you travel with an animal, visit one of our seven Pet Relief Areas equipped with artificial turf, pet waste bags, and even a fire hydrant to encourage participation! These areas are located throughout the airport outside of the terminals with the exception of the nation’s first indoor pet relief area in Terminal 2 West. All guides, pets, and service animals are welcome to use these areas while waiting for departure or upon arrival. At these locations make sure to scoop the poop using one of our complimentary bags and dispose of it in the bin.

Our pet relief areas aren’t only convenient, they are also environmentally friendly!  Did you know that healthy grass typically requires 55 gallons of water per square foot per year? By opting for artificial turf, we are able to save water and do our part in the dry southern California climate. We’ve talked about landscaping beforebut you can always learn more about our sustainable business practices at Sustain.san.org.

Next time you travel, visit one of our pet relief stations which you can find mapped below, or on our interactive map!

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