From Food Waste to Compost

From Food Waste to Compost: Organics at SAN Here at San Diego International we believe in the 5 Rs of Zero Waste: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot, […]

Complying With New Polystyrene Foam and Single Use Plastics Ordinance

What’s up with San Diego’s new Styrofoam and single use plastics rule? San Diego’s Polystyrene Foam and Single Use Plastics Ordinance took effect on February 23rd, […]

Our Employees Are Charged Up!

Our Employees Are Charged Up! In May, the Airport Authority opened 20 new electric vehicle parking spaces in our employee lot. The new chargers were installed […]

Forces of Nature @ SAN

Forces of Nature @ SAN The Airport Arts Program’s 2019 temporary exhibition, Forces of Nature, is now on full display, featuring artwork and collections that highlight […]

Smoking at SAN

Smoking at SAN Here at SAN we are completely smoke free indoors. However, we understand that some passengers want to smoke while traveling. To accommodate, San […]

Capturing AC Condensate @ SAN

Capturing AC Condensate @ SAN Ah, warm weather in San Diego! The sun is shining, the temperatures are up, and our AC is ON! Have you […]

SAN is Carbon Neutral

SAN Is Carbon Neutral! San Diego International Airport (SAN) is now a carbon neutral airport! On September 18th SAN became the second airport in North America, […]

Einstein Bros. Is Ocean Friendly!

First Ocean Friendly Airport Concession! In July 2019, SAN became the first airport to have one of its concessions become “Ocean Friendly certified”. Congratulations to our […]