At SAN, we focus on getting passengers from Point A to Point B quickly and efficiently. How does that happen and what does that look like? The GOings On blog pulls back the curtain and shows you not just what we do, but how we do it, and, most importantly, why we do it.


SAN Continues Noise Study with Public Input

SAN Continues Noise Study with Public Input In an ongoing effort to identify current and future noise impacts in neighborhoods near San Diego International Airport, the […]

2018/19 Sustainability Report Released!

2018/19 Sustainability Report Released! New Sustainability Report reinforces SAN’s commitment to a resilient future. Each year, San Diego International Airport (SAN) evaluates its impact on the […]

Einstein Bros. Is Ocean Friendly!

First Ocean Friendly Airport Concession! In July 2019, SAN became the first airport to have one of its concessions become “Ocean Friendly certified”. Congratulations to our […]

SAN is Carbon Neutral

SAN Is Carbon Neutral! San Diego International Airport (SAN) is now a carbon neutral airport! On September 18th SAN became the second airport in North America, […]

Capturing AC Condensate @ SAN

Capturing AC Condensate @ SAN Ah, warm weather in San Diego! The sun is shining, the temperatures are up, and our AC is ON! Have you […]

Smoking at SAN

Smoking at SAN Here at SAN we are completely smoke free indoors. However, we understand that some passengers want to smoke while traveling. To accommodate, San […]

Forces of Nature @ SAN

Forces of Nature @ SAN The Airport Arts Program’s 2019 temporary exhibition, Forces of Nature, is now on full display, featuring artwork and collections that highlight […]

Our Employees Are Charged Up!

Our Employees Are Charged Up! In May, the Airport Authority opened 20 new electric vehicle parking spaces in our employee lot. The new chargers were installed […]

Complying With New Polystyrene Foam and Single Use Plastics Ordinance

What’s up with San Diego’s new Styrofoam and single use plastics rule? San Diego’s Polystyrene Foam and Single Use Plastics Ordinance took effect on February 23rd, […]

From Food Waste to Compost

From Food Waste to Compost: Organics at SAN Here at San Diego International we believe in the 5 Rs of Zero Waste: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot, […]

#B2UbyH2O at SAN

#B2UbyH2O & Water Stewardship at SAN San Diego is known as America’s finest city. There’s a lot that we think, makes our region great. We’re one […]

Volunteer Airport Ambassadors

Volunteer Airport Ambassadors At SAN, we believe in the triple bottom line of sustainability—measuring our impact with social, environmental, and economic yardsticks. We are committed to […]

This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Carbon Offsets!

This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Carbon Offsets! Looking for a unique and impactful gift this holiday season? Check out carbon offsets! What’s that? A […]

Our New Terminal 2 Parking Plaza

Our New Terminal 2 Parking Plaza Have you had a chance to park at SAN’s new Terminal 2 Parking Plaza yet? It opened in May 2018—ahead […]

SAN Hosts Sustainability Fair

SAN Hosts Sustainability Fair At SAN, our main goal is to ensure  passengers get from Point A to Point B as quickly, comfortably and efficiently as […]

Coastal Cleanup Day with SAN

Coastal Cleanup Day with SAN The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority strives to be a good neighbor to surrounding communities. One way we choose to […]

Happy SANiversary, SAN Green Concessions Program!

Happy SANiversary, SAN Green Concessions Program! Time flies here at SAN! This summer marks the completion of the first year of the SAN Green Concessions Program—a voluntary […]

Let’s GO Outside!

Featured Image Above: Airport Authority employees, families, and friends, GO Outside for monthly Wellness Hiking Group! Let’s GO Outside! San Diego is known for its great outdoors […]

2017 Sustainability Report Released!

2017 Sustainability Report Released! San Diego International Airport (SAN) demonstrated a deep commitment to financial, social, and environmental responsibility last year. Our efforts are highlighted in […]

Quieter Home Program Residential Construction

Quieter Home Program Residential Construction The Quieter Home program, the Airport Authority’s residential sound insulation program, has surpassed a major milestone, having made improvements to more […]

So Your Pet Has to GO!

 So Your Pet Has to GO! Traveling with your furry friend can be fun and comforting! Pets make great travel buddies, but what do you do […]

What’s With All the [Green] Construction?

What’s With All the [Green] Construction? Have you visited SAN lately and noticed the construction? Pardon our dust while we improve your airport! The Airport Authority […]

New Year, Greener You

New Year, Greener You It’s a new year and the time is right to make some small changes to live a greener, more sustainable life! Here […]

Fly Dry and Reduce Plastic

Fly Dry and Reduce Plastic In May, we highlighted how you can travel sustainably though San Diego International Airport (SAN). We want to take a deeper […]

GOing On Now- SAN Oktoberfest!

#SANOKTOBERFEST Eat, drink, save and be merry! Join SAN as we celebrate Oktoberfest in terminals–GOing On now until October 3rd! Check out the Airport’s promotions, food […]

Get Connected with SAN’s Trolley to Terminal Shuttle Service

Community Connection and the Trolley to Terminal Shuttle Service In July, the airport launched its latest Sustainability Report on, sharing financial, social, and environmental activities and accomplishments […]

SAN Launches Green Concessions Program

SAN Launches Green Concessions Program   Imagine as a passenger you stroll through the terminals looking for an environmentally-friendly business to eat or shop at. You spot […]

Looking for ways to go green on your next trip through SAN?

Looking for ways to go green on your next trip through SAN?   At San Diego International Airport (SAN), we are committed to sustainability and to […]

SAN’s Landscaping

When arriving at SAN, one of the first things people notice are our beautiful palm trees. We have over 600 of them – a mix of Queen, […]

Lost and Found

From printing boarding passes to checking baggage to clearing security to locating the departure gate – air travel can require many steps. And all of that […]

The Time Machine

You ever wish for a time machine? Something that would pause the relentless march of the seconds and the minutes and the hours? Just so you […]

Treats for the Troops

The old saying “home is where the heart is” holds meaning for a lot of people. But for members of the U.S. military, those words take […]

Holiday Travel Tips

The Thanksgiving holiday travel period, according to AAA, is expected to be the busiest it’s been in nearly a decade. And San Diego is projected to […]

Four Ways to Regain Your Calm at SAN

Your bags are packed, your car is parked, you have cleared security and you can see your departure gate. So why is your heart pounding? Rushing […]

From Parking to Pet Relief, SAN’s Traffic Officers Share Their Top Travel Tips

Travel Tips “My car won’t start.” “I don’t have enough gas to drive to the parking lot.” “I am searching for Pokémon Go characters.” When it […]

Southwest Pilot’s Retirement Flight is Full of Fun – and Family

Goodbyes are rarely easy. But when your sendoff includes: cake, a plane full of friends and family and a familiar face sitting next to you in […]

More than just SAN!

Have you ever wondered why we’re called a county regional airport authority, instead of, say, the San Diego International Airport Authority? A lot of people mistakenly […]

A Military Reunion at the Airport and it’s not what you might think

Working at the airport, it’s easy to get caught up in one’s daily responsibilities and forget that an airport can be a public place filled with […]

Tranquility and Serenity at the Airport

What images are conjured up when you think of your ideal Zen moment? Your first thought might not be San Diego International Airport, but now, that […]


Today is an exciting day for all golf aficionados, foodies, and passengers alike! It is the highly anticipated grand opening of the PGA Tour Grill, the […]

Blue Horizons for Autism

The Customer Service department has partnered with the Autism Tree Project Foundation (ATPF), TSA and JetBlue to create “Blue Horizons for Autism.” The program invites families […]